Life is for living, and here are my top 33 ways to live a better life every day. How many will you experience today?

Great abs and happy wrinkles are two by-products of laughing lots. Laughter helps the body heal itself and makes you feel great. Plus it’s contagious. Just don’t watch every single video of pandas sneezing on the Internet.

Be Outdoors
There is something inspiring and healing about nature. Walk through the trees. Hike in the mountains. Splash through the waves as they lap at your feet. See the sunrise or watch it fall below the horizon.

Be Inspired
Paintings, music, incredible physical or mental feats, nature, art, simple acts of kindness. There are countless ways to be inspired, but all open our hearts to something bigger than ourselves.

Experience Love
Do something that makes your heart come alive and brings a tear to your eye. Allow someone to love you completely or return the favour. Hold someone. Show them how important they are in the world, even if it is just to you.

Make A Difference
Let’s face it, you’ll be gone one day, but your memory lives on in the lives you touch. How can you influence someone for the better? Teach. Donate. Create. Volunteer. Think beyond you for a moment.

Challenge Yourself
Get outside your comfort zone. Do something that makes you a little uncomfortable. Try something new. Push yourself a little further than usual. Go for a personal best. Bite off more than you thought you could chew.

Your body needs movement to energise and cleanse itself. Swim. Run. Dance. Hike. Moonwalk. Do cartwheels. Do something until you break a sweat, and if it’s fun then do it some more.

Be Silent
Sometimes it can be hard to hear the real voices in your head because everyone else is so loud. Go somewhere quiet, lock yourself away and enjoy a time of peace and quiet. Notice how it makes you feel.

Eat Well
You are what you eat. Nourish yourself. Cook something from scratch. Check the ingredients list. Buy something other than the value option. Add sundried tomatoes. Eat something from your garden.

Activate your creative unconscious. See things as bigger and better than they are. Imagine the possibilities you have for your life. Forget your limits, dream big then wake up and go to work making your dreams your reality.

Progress Your Goals
Even the smallest step is a step forward. Take action on your major goal. Break through procrastination and stop putting off that one important task. Do something, anything, and feel the momentum starting to build.

Be Creative 
Wake up the other hemisphere of your brain. Paint. Play jazz. Write poetry. Invent a new dance move. Tell a story. Improvise. Do something that gets you out of logic and into the realm of fantasy.

Even a one percent drop in hydration can impair your performance and concentration. Keep a bottle of water near you. Drink a large glass first thing in the morning. Swap out sugary drinks and coffee for better hydrating options. Lots of regular sips throughout the day.

Talk To Friends 
Make time to keep in touch with your buddies. Pick up the phone. Jump on Skype. FaceTime them at inappropriate hours. Reminisce. Chew the fat. Set the world to rights. Whatever brings a smile to each of your faces.

Dust off an old fiction novel and let your imagination run wild. Pick up a research paper and dive deep into your chosen topic. Read a broadsheet newspaper. Enjoy the feeling of pages turning and the anticipation of the next page.

Do Nothing
There may still be things in your to do list but take a moment out and be still. Do nothing. Think about nothing. Be present in that moment. If you are with someone else, give them your undivided attention.

Your outside environment mirrors your internal processes. As within, so without. Clearing your desk, wardrobe, kitchen counter, computer desktop helps make your mind clearer and makes it easier to focus.

The worlds top performers all have a form of meditation in their routine. Meditation calms the mind and allows you to focus. It can even help you tap into your superconscious, giving you access to a wealth of ideas and knowledge that lies untapped.

Babies are super flexible and rigormortis makes you super stiff. Therefore, the more flexible you are, the further you are from death. Touch your toes, pull your arms behind you and keep the grim reaper at bay.

Make Someone Smile
Pay forward the feeling of optimism and happiness. Tell a bad joke. Send someone a funny video. Walk around with a grin on your face. Smiles are contagious so even if you just smile at people, it will catch on… just not on the train!

Walk Barefoot 
There’s something good for the soul about feeling a different texture under your sole. Walk on dewy grass. Run on the sand. Curl your toes into a fluffy carpet. Just try to avoid the left over bits of Lego lying around.

Be Grateful
Gratitude is the one emotion which can overcome any negative stress. Make a list of everything you are grateful for. Add to it daily. Think about every item on your list until that emotion fills you completely.

Breathe Properly
If you spend significant time sat at a desk or hunched over and this will have an impact on your ability to breathe properly. Take time to breathe deeply, into your abdomen and then all the way out. Combine with meditation for additional benefits.

Question Something
Why do you do something a particular way? What if you didn’t do it that way, how else could you do it? Maybe there is a better way out there once you break from tradition? Spice up your life with variety and challenge your conventions.

Wear Bright Clothing 
Life is too short for monochrome. Wear something outrageous. Push the limits of your dress code. Make people’s heads turn. And if you need to dress conservatively, wear crazy underwear and smile because you are the only one who knows!

Use Posh Cutlery
Stop saving things for a special day. Today is that day. Use the nice crystal glasses. Have that bottle of wine with your pizza. Use the posh tea set for your morning coffee. But don’t play with the original Han Solo figure… keep that in its box!

Unplug From Technology
Yikes, such a scary idea for some. Our blackberries self destruct if we leave that one metre radius. Turn off Facebook notifications. Unplug the TV at the mains. Let your iPhone run out of battery. Lighting a candle might be a step too far though.

Pamper Yourself 
Look good, feel good. Treat yourself to a face mask. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. Soak in a tub with bubbles, candles and a glass of something cold. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. And ladies, feel free to do something too!

Let Off Steam
Even the most zen of people get stressed so get rid of it. Go for a long run. Put on the yoga dvd. Hit the punchbag hanging in the garage. Put on some rock music and mosh out! Take a deep breath, let it go and everything will be ok.

Learn Something New
Expand your awareness. Visit some random pages on Wikipedia, or find a real encyclopaedia if they still exist. Attend a random meet up group. Read about other religions. Pick up a historical biography. There is so much cool stuff out there.

Discover A New Word 
Successful people often have an extensive vocabulary. Get a word of the day calendar. Download an app. Put a dictionary next to the toilet. Look up the origin or root of a word. Fall in love with your language.

Listen To An Audiobook
Instead of wasting time queuing or commuting, why not put on an audiobook or podcast. Or multitask when cooking it doing your cardio. Listen to biographies, classic literature or bitesize lectures and get more out of every minute possible.

Walk A Dog
Get over the need to sniff every tree and recognise the sheer joy of being a dog and doing dog things. Dogs don’t have to do lists, targets, objectives, deadlines. They are in the moment, always. Watch and learn (but clean up after yourself maybe!).

Life is for living, and these are my top 33 ways to live a better life every day. How many have you experienced today already? What interesting combinations can you find? Live is short… live it!