I help people develop the mindset and psychology that underlies every success in life. By becoming mentally tougher, more psychologically aware and through training your thoughts in the same way you train your muscles, you can achieve any result in life you set your mind to.  

Dan Storey

Meet Dan Storey

Dan Storey is a speaker, author and trainer focusing on the mindset and mental toughness required so set and achieve big goals in life.

For years, Dan has studied the psychology of success and achievement, trying to combine ideas from the areas of neuro-linguistic programming, decision psychology, mental toughness, sport psychology, influence and persuasion to answer the two following questions:

  • Why do we do what we do?
  • How can we influence this to make better decisions?

Rather than just settling in understand the theory, Dan has focused on putting these ideas to use, practically.

As a sales trainer, Dan is one of the top voices in helping people have more impactful sales conversations that encourage prospects to make decisions. He does this through a deep understanding of why people make decisions, and how we can structure our sales process to maximise conversion at all stages of the sales cycle.

As a competitive bodybuilder, Dan has applied all of the mindset techniques to his own journey. Even though bodybuilding may appear to be mostly physical, it is actually more mental than people recognise, and so Dan has practical experience of putting his own mental toughness and positive psychology to the test.

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psychology behind success?

Successful people have developed their ways of thinking to be different to the majority. They have built different mental muscles, conditioned their ways of thinking differently, and learned to interpret the world and what they see differently from others.

If you want to learn more about the different mindset and psychological traits that successful people have developed, download this free ebook today. 

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