About Dan Storey

Dan Storey is a psychologist and NLP trainer, specialising in the psychology of decision making. Having trained thousands of sales people over the past more than ten years, Dan knows what it takes to get people to make the right decision, and uses this understanding in both his training and personal coaching.

Dan is the author of Next Level Persuasion, teaching the tools and techniques from NLP to sales people, and works with sales teams around the world helping them to incorporate this new model of influence and persuasion in their sales processes.

Sales Enablement

Dan Storey is a sales enablement speaker and trainer. Dan has worked for over 15 years training and developing sales teams through effective use of persuasion techniques, neuro-lingustic programming and behavioural economics to help create thousands of strong influencers and communicators globally. Dan holds a MSc in Behavioral Decision Sciences and has also written a book, Next Level Persuasion, about how to use persuasion techniques in sales, so combines both the science of selling with the practical side of sales enablement to help get the best out of sales teams.

Motivational Speaker

Dan Storey is a motivational speaker. As a sales trainer, Dan gets to spend lots of his time teaching, but it is the concepts of personal development, making better decisions, overcoming limiting beliefs and finally achieving your potential that he really enjoys sharing. After spending years in the personal development seminar industry, Dan has learned from some of the best speakers around the world and combines ideas from his studies in behavioural economics with real-world lessons from his experiences in training to be an athlete and physique competitor along with his life experiences as a guy trying to succeed as a husband, father and friend.

Physique Athlete

Dan Storey is a physique athlete and competitor. As someone who has always trained, lifted weights and represented Great Britain at American Football, Dan has always been into fitness, even studying for his MSc at Loughborough University. However, it is the physical and mental challenge of creating the best physique possible that drives Dan to compete in this challenging sport. Dan documented his journey, both the positive and negative aspects of it, and has turned this into a framework for anyone who wants to go through any kind of personal transformation journey.


Next Level Persuasion

Next Level Persuasion

Next Level Persuasion teaches best goal setting techniques to sales people to make them more powerful with the tools of influence and persuasion. Having taught NLP for sales people for over 10 years, Next Level Persuasion brings together both practical sales tools as well as the neuro-linguistic programming and psychology principles to help understand both how and why these techniques work. This book is written for sales professionals who realise that NLP can help improve their ability to communicate with and motivate their prospects, with integrity, to help people make good buying decisions.

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Goal setting playbook

Goal Setting Playbook

Goal setting is the first step on every successful journey. There are so many different approaches to goal setting, but this is my goal setting playbook that I go through at least once per year. The goal setting playbook takes you through a process where you outline your goals, dive into your motivation for achieving them before creating an action plan that will ensure you get started and stay on track. This is a free download, so take some time out and plan what the rest of your life is going to look like.

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Next Level Persuasion

Personal Transformation Podcast

In the Personal Transformation Podcast, Dan Storey explores the psychology and mindset behind making powerful, unprecedented and lasting change in life. Based on the framework in his Personal Transformation Blueprint book, Dan goes into detail in many of the concepts, helping listeners create their own transformations in life, ultimately escaping the “trap of average” and creating a life they can be proud of.

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Goal setting playbook

Sales Enabled

Sales Enabled is aimed at providing salespeople, sales leaders and sales enablers with the best content, ideas and topics needed to improve sales performance. In this podcast, Dan Storey interviews trainers, speakers and coaches from different fields to understand how their lessons can be applied in sales situations to help us become better communicators, influencers, and persuaders to help people make buying decisions.

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