Goal Setting

#10 – The Truth About Transformation Challenges: Rethinking Short-Term Fixes

2024-03-08T08:19:30+00:00By |

The podcast episode delves into the dynamics of transformation challenges, featuring a conversation between Dan Storey and his brother Pete Storey, a transformation coach. Pete voices his reservations about the conventional approach to these challenges, arguing against their emphasis on short-term physical changes over holistic transformation. He critiques [...]

#8 – Transformational Goal Setting: The Power of Vision, Goals & Habits

2024-03-05T12:32:33+00:00By |

In this episode of the Personal Transformation Podcast, Dan Storey discusses effective goal setting and the importance of envisioning our future selves. He emphasizes the interconnectedness of vision, goals, and habits in achieving personal transformation. Vision: Storey highlights the significance of creating a clear vision of our desired [...]

#4 – Why You Need To Separate The Decision To Change From The Process Of Changing

2024-02-23T13:27:56+00:00By |

In this episode of the Personal Transformation Podcast, host Dan Storey explores the critical aspect of the "decision to change." He emphasizes that before making progress toward any personal transformation or life shift, individuals must make a firm decision to commit to the change. The episode delves into [...]

Goal Setting Guide For Newbies

2022-12-17T21:18:08+00:00By |

Goal setting is one of the most fundamental aspects on the journey to success. Almost every motivational speaker and trainer starts off their program with some form of goal setting exercise, and there are almost 10,000 products related to goal setting listed on Amazon. If you have never set goals [...]

Wheel of Life Exercise

2022-12-22T21:09:47+00:00By |

The Wheel of Life exercise is a great way to focus your attention on the areas of life that could benefit from some development. If you are about to set some goals, doing a general life review or want to know some different aspects of life to explore, the Wheel [...]

De-Stress To Hit Your Goals

2022-12-22T21:00:49+00:00By |

If you imagine someone completely focused on achieving their goals, what sort of picture comes to mind? For most of us, we imagine someone working hard, pushing their body and mind to the limits to fulfil their dreams, not stopping until they realise their full potential. Stress and goals just [...]

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