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Dan Storey is an author, trainer, and motivational speaker who has spent years studying the principles of personal motivation and behavioural psychology to answer two simple questions - why do we do what we do and can we influence this? As a master practitioner and trainer of NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and with a Master’s Degree in Behavioural Decision Sciences, Dan Storey truly understands the mental processes it takes to be successful in transforming the results you get in life. Through becoming one of the top natural physique bodybuilders in the UK, Dan Storey has put these principles into action to show what is possible when you put your mind to it. Dan has made it his mission to help people unleash their true potential and live life at a level they only dreamed possible. Find out more at DanStorey.com.

#4 – Why You Need To Separate The Decision To Change From The Process Of Changing

2024-04-29T10:33:06+01:00By |

In this episode of the Personal Transformation Podcast, host Dan Storey explores the critical aspect of the "decision to change." He emphasizes that before making progress toward any personal transformation or life shift, individuals must make a firm decision to commit to the change. The episode delves into [...]

#3 – How To Stop Excuses From Hindering Your Progress

2024-04-29T10:33:40+01:00By |

In this episode of the Personal Transformation Podcast, Dan Storey explores the topic of excuses and how they hinder personal progress. He acknowledges that while excuses may feel valid, they ultimately prevent individuals from realizing their potential. Storey discusses the prevalence of excuses, citing research that suggests the [...]

#2: Why Getting Dissatisfied Is The First Step To Changing Your Situation

2024-04-29T10:34:23+01:00By |

In this podcast episode, Dan Storey discusses the importance of embracing discomfort as the initial step towards personal transformation. He highlights the prevalent unhappiness and dissatisfaction in various aspects of life, such as work and relationships, attributing it to society's increasing desire for comfort and immediate gratification. Storey [...]

#1 – Introduction to the Personal Transformation Blueprint

2024-02-23T08:30:23+00:00By |

In this episode of the Personal Transformation Podcast, host Dan Storey delves into the concept of creating lasting change in one's life. He emphasizes the importance of transitioning from a state of dissatisfaction to one of fulfillment and happiness. Storey outlines three key transformations necessary for achieving this [...]


2022-12-22T21:22:50+00:00By |

Discipline Discipline is one of the key contributors to success. If you look behind the external persona successful people portray, you will see how they disciplined themselves to do things day in and day out that led to that success. If success is a result of all the small wins, [...]


2024-01-05T12:57:22+00:00By |

Commitment is something required to reach your goals, but what does it mean to be committed to something? If I look back on my life, I can clearly see I didn't understand the concept of commitment. I didn't stick at things, I allowed myself to be distracted, or generally heart [...]

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