1. Download the Workbook

Download the Personal Transformation Blueprint Workbook that accompanies the book. Writing down your thoughts after each chapter will help you retain more of the information shared within the book, encourage you to get clearer on how these ideas apply to your situation and increase the chances of you following through on your commitments. This workbook follows the same structure as the book, and will provide a short recap of the key concepts covered in the book to make it easier to complete the exercise. If you need a further reminder on why any of the concepts are important, remember to refer back to the book as appropriate.

(Click the image above or click here to download the workbook)

2. Hear about my own Personal Transformation Journey

In this video, I share some of the key lessons from my own personal transformation journey that took me from dad bod to one of the top natural physiques in the UK, competing against international athletes and ultimately getting into the best shape of my life at 44 years old. Even though the Personal Transformation Blueprint is based on science and research from psychology and behavioural economics, it is only when you challenge yourself that you truly understand what those lessons look like in the real world. In this video I share some of the key moments of my journey and how they influenced the ideas in the book.

3. Book a FREE 15-minute coaching consultation

Grab some time with Dan Storey to discuss your own personal transformation journey, how the book has helped you, and find out whether coaching will help you accelerate your progress and results. Coaching with Dan would focus on the three elements of transformation featured in the book, so book your free consultation now and discover what kind of progress you could make with a little more support and accountability.