Mental Toughness

#17: Imposter Syndrome Exposed: Unpacking Beliefs and Building Self-Worth w/ Tara Halliday

2024-05-21T11:49:55+01:00By |

In this podcast episode, host Dan Storey and imposter syndrome expert Tara Halliday discuss her work on addressing imposter syndrome by focusing on people's conditional worth and transforming it into unconditional worth. Tara Halliday outlines a structured program aimed at changing beliefs to ultimately alleviate imposter syndrome permanently. She [...]

#16: Pushing Limits, Finding Purpose: A Masters Athlete Chasing A World Record – w/ Jeff Seckendorf

2024-05-21T12:00:09+01:00By |

In this episode of the Personal Transformation Podcast, host Dan Storey interviews Jeff Seckendorf, a cyclist who has taken on the challenge to beat the world record one-hour cycling challenge for Masters athletes. Together, they delve into Jeff's mindset and the psychology behind such a massive transformation. [...]

#15: Overcoming Adversity: Confronting & Conquering Life’s Challenges

2024-04-29T10:26:51+01:00By |

In this episode of the Personal Transformation Podcast, Dan Storey, author of "⁠Personal Transformation Blueprint⁠" discussed the challenge of overcoming adversity on the journey to success. Storey emphasizes the inevitability of adversity, underscoring that setbacks are an inherent part of personal growth. Through compelling personal stories, ranging from [...]

#14: Battling Imposter Syndrome – How To Level Up Without Freaking Out

2024-04-29T10:27:19+01:00By |

In this episode of the Personal Transformation Podcast, host Dan Storey delves into the concept of Imposter Syndrome. Approximately 70% of people grapple with imposter syndrome at various junctures in their lives. Imposter Syndrome is a pervasive feeling of fear and inadequacy, particularly prevalent in environments where individuals [...]

#13 – Mastering Mindset: The Mental Challenges Of Transformation

2024-04-29T10:27:47+01:00By |

In this podcast episode, Dan Storey and Pete Storey discuss the critical role of mindset in physical transformation journeys, focusing primarily on bodybuilding and competition preparation. They explore the mental challenges inherent in such endeavors, highlighting the importance of psychological resilience alongside physical efforts. Throughout their conversation, they [...]

#11 – Mental Toughness: Introducing the 4 Cs and 8 Factors

2024-04-29T10:28:58+01:00By |

In this episode of the Personal Transformation Podcast, host Dan Storey delves into the concept of mental toughness, drawing from his experiences as both a sportsman and a corporate professional. He outlines eight key components of mental toughness and emphasizes its importance in navigating high-pressure situations effectively. Mental [...]

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