7 Reasons You Make Bad Decisions

Discover the biases that exist within the brain and find out why they are causing you to make bad decisions every day!

Do you think you are good at making decisions? You probably think of yourself as a sensible, rational human being, capable of weighing up the options available and coming to a pretty solid conclusion.

The problem is, as confident as you are in your beliefs around making good decisions, the truth is your brain is not programmed in a way to always support you.

Your brain is actually running a series of programs, called heuristics, that are trying to shortcut the decision making process. Their job is to help you make decisions more efficiently, using less cognitive energy. But the problem is, these heuristics often jump in at the most inappropriate times.

This ebook is an introduction to the world of irrational decisions, mental shortcuts and cognitive biases and aims to help you identify those times when you may not quite be making the best decision possible.

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